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Gaphor 2.18 - 2.14 updates

Последние новости и блог от Arjan Molenaar (2024-03-04)

On February 16, 2024, we released Gaphor 2.24.

It’s been quite a while since I produced a proper updates post.

Since the 2.17 release about a year before, a lot has changed.

We completely dropped GTK+ 3 support. The application is using the latest UI widgets from the GTK 4 toolkit and LibAdwaita. In general this makes it easier to build and style the UI. Also, GTK 4 is a lot more responsive on Windows and macOS.

Merge conflict resolution

Merge conflicts can be resolved by Gaphor. If you want to merge changes made in a branch

Resolve merge conflicts

Documentation can be found on our documentation site.

Application settings

We added a few application wide settings: the UI language can be set to English, instead of system language; the application appearance (dark/light/system) can be set from within the application.

Application preferences


We also improved diagram style settings, and now you can customize individual parts within an item on a diagram.

Style sheet editing

You can also add diagrams (as icons) on a diagram. Double-clicking the diagram will open it. This is quite convenient if you want to add an interactive overview or navigation diagram.

The language for the model can be changed independent of the UI language. This makes it possible to use terms such as stereotype names in the same language as the model.

A few new graphical elements are introduced:

  • (SysML) Information Flow for Associations
  • (SysML) New item: Interface Block
  • (SysML) Support for Allocations
  • (UML) New items: Value Specification Action, and Call Behavior Action
  • A number of elements (such as properties, lifelines) can be assigned a type.


One trouble we haven’t been able to resolve is virus warnings on Windows. Ironically, Windows is the only platform where we build the whole application from source, except for Python. We haven’t figured out how to deal with this in a consistent manner. All help is welcome including reporting false positives to the virus scanner companies.