It's good to talk, share knowledge and learn from other users of Gaphor. Perhaps you have a question, problem or are unsure how to do something with Gaphor? Discussing such things in a supportive environment is a good way to make progress, make friends and make a success of things. Put simply, Gaphor is a community focused project and we have created an online discussion group where the community can come together.

Contributions are welcome without prejudice from anyone irrespective of age, gender, religion, race, or sexuality. If you’re thinking, "but they don't mean me", then we especially mean YOU.

Discussion Forum

Join our discussion forum at gaphor.discourse.group. We have categories for different audiences:

Community: talk about the community, introduce yourself, and announce events.

Modeling: User discussion about modeling with Gaphor including discussion about tips and tricks, features you would like to see, and questions.

Announcements: official Gaphor announcements.

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Chat on Gitter

Our real-time conversations are on Gitter. You can sign-up and connect with the community by clicking the link below or visiting: https://gitter.im/Gaphor/Lobby

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Community Conduct

We expect contributors to follow the Code of Conduct. We won't hesitate to issue a clear warning and, if ignored, ban people who don't behave in the spirit of the code of conduct. We want our community to be a safe, welcoming and friendly place. If a conduct related situation arises, we will endeavour to act in a discreet, sympathetic and fair manner to all concerned.