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Gaphor 2.6 highlights

Od Arjan Molenaar (2021-09-23)

With Gaphor 2.6 we improved “under the hood”. We improved on the saving/loading stability. Added multiple translations and improved the Windows version of Gaphor.

Model stability

Over the past few months, we received a couple of issues where users were not able to open a model after saving it. Although we incorporated improvements in Gaphor 2.5, there was a few lingering issues to be fixed for this release as well. With Gaphor 2.6, we expect that things are now fairly stable with opening models.


With help of ovari we started using Weblate to manage translations for Gaphor. As a result, Gaphor now speaks a few more languages including Finnish, Galician, Hungarian, and Korean. The Spanish translation also got a nice update.

Windows build more native

We made the Windows build more native as well. Previously, we used MSYS2 as the basis for our Windows distribution. The downside was that the (patched) Python version distributed with MSYS2 tried to behave like a Unix version in a Windows world. Now we’re using the Windows Python and GTK compiled for the windows platform.


Our first patch release in the 2.6 series (to be released) contains many small fixes, from unintentionally rotating Join bars to name and icon updates.

Many thanks go to Zsolt Sandor for bringing our attention to many of the small glitches in Gaphor. His thorough QA found a fair amount issues, of which most of them are fixed in 2.6.1.

With those fixes in, we can confidently state that 2.6.1 will be the best release so far. At least until 2.7 is released ;).

Update 2021-10-04

In quick succession we released a couple of patch-releases. These releases focused on localization (translations). Thanks to ovari we have added localization support for pretty much every text used in Gaphor. Be it UI text, stereotypes, or type default names.